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A letter from Elliot
To Thou my sweet,
I find such sweet sorrow to see you walk through the grass, to see your hair flutter like snow feathers in the wind.  I find that no other smile but yours brought such a gentle touch to my heart to no other but you can make me feel human. To roll on the grass and laugh along side you, oh my sweet, why tug my heart with such a sweet voice. To Thou who say I am naive and a fool, I be a fool for you.
Tug my hand no less and cry no more, for I see you grow and I feel your presence here in this room, the touch you lay on my lips every night, oh thou my sweet, you tug my heart so. Ask you please, not to stop, but to let it grow to more than a simple brush of love on my and your lip. Let me see more from your heart. I wish upon thee, let me love you, let me see you more, and ones own eyes that reflect thine own.
My sweet little flower, let me help you blossom in my arms, let me love you more than any other. To find our peace together my little flower. My dear sweet
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I'm sorry, forgive me
No words can express how sorry I am.
But why should I have to cry,
And grovel for forgiveness?
Because I love you…
You turned on me,
Stabbed my back when you swore to protect it.
You went silent to me,
Because of something that I had done…
You had told me,
And all our friends,
That staying locked up with our feelings,
Isn’t something we should do…
We were all to tell how we were feeling,
The good and the bad feelings.
We were to tell if we were unhappy with one another,
No matter what…
But look what you had done.
You became a hypocrite,
And in turn, tore out my heart,
And make me weep…
You say I did something horrible,
But in your eyes, that’s all you see.
To us, it’s different.
It’s not what you see…
I try to forget you,
To not feel my chest go tight,
My breath short,
And my eyes ache to cry…
I tried but I failed.
For I can forgive the one person who first gave me hope,
And beliefs…
So for however long you stay m
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